Monday, March 29, 2010

Rude awakening

I'm pretty much a very light sleeper. I awaken easily at the slightest sound. So I surely didn't appreciate it this morning when some woman was yelling at the top of her voice at our gate.

As you can ascertain from the picture (taken 2 years ago when it was being renovated), we share a common gate with 3 other (pesky) neighbors. So at any given time, that filmsy steel gate gets banged open and closed. That door is our place. It is the one closest to the gate. All of our neighbors tend to keep their doors wide open for easy access. But we prefer to keep the door shut at all times definitely for security reasons but mostly to maintain our privacy.

Oh and that noisy disturbance was from some woman who was shouting at (mind you!) 5 in the morning. She was calling out to the residents of the 4th and last door. She kept saying repeatedly ha "Rachel, Rachel gising na, graduation mo na, dala ko toga mo!" I put my extra pillow around my ears to block out the noise. But I couldn't help myself from laughing out loud when D whispered in my ear. "Susunugin ko na toga na yan pag di siya tumahimik!" He he he

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