Monday, April 05, 2010

Crowning Glory

As I've mentioned several times in this blog, I'm a low maintenance gal when it comes to my hair. You see, I was (unfortunately) born with thick wavy hair. As a child, I sported a boy haircut complete with bangs! My mother would do the cutting so it wasn't really precise given that she wasn't a hairdresser. Just a typical Mom who thinks they know best.

Then when I was an awkwardly thin as a rake teenager, I adopted a Princess Diana style hairdo. Except with thick wavy hair, it looked more like an afro gone wild. Plus there were instances when I got static in my hair so the top part would stand up straight as a ruler. Add to that some really thick eyeglasses and well you get the ugly duckling picture. And NO WAY I am posting that picture! :D

It must have been some time in my 20s when I decided to go for the shoulder length. No bangs, just straight cut to an even length. But it was still as thick as ever and when I would tie my hair in a ponytail it looked like an unruly mop.

It was only when we arrived back here in Pinas for good in 2001 that I assumed a more layered haircut. It took me several hair raising episodes in various hair salons and an odd mix of stylists before I found my 'suki' stylist who knows exactly how I want my no frills hair done.

I know I have no one else to blame but my lazy self for not making more effort to maintain my mane. But I keep thinking of the electricity cost my flattening iron incurs each time I use it. And it never really gets flat out straight naman! I also think of the cost of getting a hot oil and trim every 3 months. Nowadays I only go for hair treatments like once a year. I tend to time it specifically for October, my birth month so I would feel oh so special.

So how come it is only April and yet I have this urge to visit my fave stylist na?

Oh well on verra (we'll see!)

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