Saturday, April 03, 2010

Home improvement

October and December used to be my favorite months of the year. I was born on the 10th month and obviously we all love Christmas, right? Now, I've added April and May to my list of fave months. Specifically because D is home during the school break. So more happy, laughter filled moments to share and cherish. Naks! :D

It is also the period when D gets to tinker with maintenance chores. Fixing some leaking pipe or hammering creaking book shelves. He is quite handy with tools. He can actually fix anything. Even major repairs like plumbing. So probably it would be a good idea to gift him with a diamond saw blade to add to his tool set.

It sounds like a good plan but then what do I know about manual labor? Or tools for that matter? NOTHING. So you won't find me in any hardware store.

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