Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A lil ball of sweat

That is how I describe myself.

It seems that perspiration has completely taken over my existence. I wake up in the middle of the night drenched with sweat. Just sitting in front of the computer even with the industrial fan at full blast, I can feel beads of sweat racing down my back. Showering helps, somehow. But soon enough not less than 2 minutes later I perspire like a waterfall.

Take note, I even sweat in air conditioned places. Strange!

I figure I can blame these factors:
(1) The blazing temperatures.
(2) The various hormones I need to drink on a daily basis.
(3) I tell myself I am undergoing early menopausal symptoms. Thus the hot flashes.
My doctor reassures me this isn't the case. Phew! But I still like blaming the M word, just to justify my icky 'problem'.

So I guess if you combine all of the above factors, you just might understand what I'm experiencing on a daily basis.

My only consolation is I may sweat like crazy but I still smell good ha! A mixture scent of soap, baby powder and perfumes ... so there! :D

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