Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mother's Day

A week delayed but after 3 invalid and 2 negative results, I guess I'm not going to be a mother, just yet.


Life goes on and today being Mother's Day, D & I treated my Mom and Dad too to a lunch of Chinese food. I'd like to say that now that I am married I've developed a deeper relationship with my Mom. She was 31 years old (back then it was deemed to be quite old na) when she gave birth to me. I was due to make my entrance into this world on the 20th of October but I was in a hurry so I came a day earlier (the 19th).

So happy mother's day to my mom and to all the mothers out there!

Here I am with my "Legolas" look and my mom has her eyes closed! But the digicam conked out and refused to function so I am stuck with this picture. Hehehe :D

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