Monday, May 10, 2010

Election 2010

Phew we (my parents and I) were at the precinct at 8:30am but only finished voting by 11:30am. Well let me rephrase that *I* was done after 3 hours because my parents used the senior citizens lane. But nevertheless I believe that I was lucky since the classroom where we voted had an orderly system in place.I was so glad when the PCOS machine 'ate' my ballot and didn't reject it.

On the other hand, D who has to vote at a precinct near our residence in Project 8 had to come back in the afternoon as there were still a lot of people, this morning. But in the afternoon it only took him 45 minutes including pila to vote. Not fair! :D

So who did I vote for? Well let me just say that I went green so be it! :D

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