Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Quick Meals

As much as I've grown to love cooking since I got married, I prefer to spend less time in the kitchen. Quick meals or those which I can cook within 30 minutes are my preferences. But then I also find it almost impossible to cook that fast. Just chopping all the ingredients can take up so much time for me. You can say that I am a slow poke in the kitchen. I admit I am!

Perhaps it is because I tend to get distracted easily so my attention isn't totally focused on the cooking task at hand. I also tend to multi-task to make my cooking chores more interesting. For instance, I would be boiling some slab of meat to tenderize it then run upstairs to resume my online activities. Then while some web pages are still loading I go back down and would start peeling potatoes, carrots and other necessary ingredients for the meals. It is a good way to exercise because climbing up and down the stairs would tone my legs. We all know how exercise can increase our appetites.

Some of the recipes I've prepared are dishes I've inherited from my mother. My mom being a Kapampangan would make really delicious meals. They are mostly a bit salty but nevertheless taste quite good. Although in a strange way, she isn't too fond of cooking and sometimes would just order take away. Yet most of her recipes are practical and easy to prepare. They involve basic ingredients that aren't difficult to find in the markets. She likes to prepare dishes with plenty of sauce. Her soup dishes like monggo and meatballs with misua are my favorite. Now that I am married, I do miss eating her simple kitchen concoctions. So of course I make it a point to visit her like once a week to savor her tasty and delicious food.

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