Thursday, July 15, 2010

On a stormy day ...

July 13, 2010 I was at the mall with my sister and I finally decided to go for hair treatment and haircut. This pampering session is well overdue, it has been more than a year since I entered a hair salon.
Outside it was raining heavily as Typhoon Basyang was just about to hit landfall. By the time we were done with the pampering, the shopping and dinner, the rain had stopped so we got home without much hassle.

Then at around 11pm I was on the phone with D when the lights went out so our conversation was cut short because the phone went dead as well. Strong winds were bashing against the window and rainfall was quite heavy. I fell asleep exhausted from fanning myself but I was happy to have my sister with me. But most of all because my hair smelled really great and it was straight as a ruler. Heh.

*Just ignore the date and time on the picture, I have yet to figure out the features on my new digicam. Yes I have a new toy c/o of my generous sister who surprised me with her pasalubong.*

After 22 hours of darkness, the electricity came back on 9:30pm the next day, July 14, 2010. Without any cable to entertain us, sis and I just watched a Dvd.

Fun times! =)

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