Thursday, July 08, 2010

World Cup finals

Time does fly by so fast when you are having so much fun. It felt just like yesterday when I started watching the World Cup games, religiously. Now just a few winks to go for the finals to kick off on July 11, 2010.

I'd like to reiterate though that all the teams I was rooting for have been all eliminated in quick succession. Nice going! Au Revoir France, Ciao Italy, Hasta la bye bye Argentina, Auf Wiedersehen Germany. :D

So I'm not going to cheer for either Dutch Boy (Holland) or Spanish Guitar (Spain). But being a Franco now, I'd just say Viva Espana!!! =)

I like to end this entry by posting the official theme song of 2010 World Cup performed by the highly energetic Shakira. It is entitled "Wawa Wawa: This Time for Africa".

Kudos to South Africa for a being such a gracious host. Kudos too to the Balls Channel for airing the matches, live. You have kept me very entertained and I have the eye bags to prove it. =)

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