Saturday, August 07, 2010

Lights Out

I'm a fussy sleeper. I prefer my environment to be cold, dark and devoid of noise. Since we live on a main street, there are various types of vehicles that pass by any time of the day and night. You have jeepneys, tricycles, private cars even motorcycles. So there is no escaping them.

Thankfully when it rains, the air cools down a bit so it is blankie time. As for the intrusive street lamp and/or the blinding sunlight, at the condo we installed some blackout blinds to block it off. But here at home, we simply rely on the curtains. Sad to say, it doesn't really darken the room. Yet I guess I should be thankful our street is well lighted to deter crime.

We can't really have it all, can we?

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