Friday, August 06, 2010

Picture perfect Friday

Happiness is new additions to my wardrobe.

I'm not much of a shopaholic because I only buy clothes when my sister is in town. That would be like once a year. But when I do well I might as well max out my credit card, right?

The funny thing is that I cannot shop for clothes with D. I still don't feel comfortable trying clothes on in the fitting room and then coming out for his 'approval'. Perhaps it is because I've heard many fitting room conversations where the wife almost always get reprimanded for choosing a certain item.

I remember a guy (who I presumed is the husband) telling a woman at the top of his voice "Hindi bagay sa yo, iyan. Tignan mo nga nakalabas na ang dibdib mo!" On another occasion, I overheard some guy chastising his wife for another frivolous purchase "At saan mo naman isusuot yan? Di ba kabibili mo lang last week?" Boyfriends/husbands/significant others should totally be banned from fitting rooms, I'd say!

When I told D about it, he said that he won't do that to me and that I can wear anything I want. Hmmm. I think I rather just avoid the situation just the same. Thanks for the support but I still won't go shopping with you, hon! LOL :D

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