Tuesday, August 31, 2010


This is the photographic evidence of my side table when I was sick for the past week. Well I am still not yet fully recovered but it isn't as bad as last Tuesday.

Toilet paper to blow my stuffed nose. Alcohol to wipe my body from the sticky ointment I would rub all over my chest and back. Then I would put powder to refresh. I would also drink plenty of bottled water and harabe (basically kalamansi juice with hot water). Then I would chew on Vicks Vaporub candies which also serve as lozenges to soothe my throat. I also read a book in between bouts of extreme browsiness to ease my boredom.

I figure my cold and cough last this long because I don't take meds except on the first two days (merely Paracetamol and Aspirin aside from my regular vitamins and fertility meds) then rely on balm, harabe and lozenges to do the trick. I also eat alot because the toxins coupled with the kalamansi juice makes my already sensitive tummy quite acidic. I guess there is a nasty bug doing the rounds since I also hear my neighbors coughing and sneezing at any given time.

Oh uh, I'm hungry again! He he he

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