Thursday, September 02, 2010

Ang blusa

It was my father's birthday so I sorted through my wardrobe and decided to wear this blouse I bought from Celine. After I was ready I went down to wait for D who was still dressing up. So while we were closing all the windows in the house, D notices my attire. According to him it was pretty flimsy so he politely asked me to wear something inside. I insisted that since I was wearing a flesh colored bra, it wasn't scandalously vulgar. But he went on and on how you can see everything yadda yadda yadda. So just to shut him up, I was forced to wear this dark brown chemise inside the blouse, much to my sweaty chagrin.
Well truth be told, when I bought the item it *did* come with an inner garment. Yet when I tried it on my sister who was with me in the dressing room said that it was fine and wasn't flimsy at all as long as I wore a flesh colored bra. But D vehemently thought, otherwise.

Now I call him "MTRCB" for censoring my outfits. I also maintain that due to that stuffy attire I sweated up a storm and got sick. Well that and the fact that I had ice cream, ate ice cubes and got rained upon when our umbrella was too small to shield us both from a heavy downpour. I wanted to bring a bigger umbrella but he said that it won't rain that much and the foldable one which fits in my bag will do!

So you see, it's his fault I got sick! :D

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