Thursday, November 04, 2010

A trip down memory lane

I was only 4 years old when I first set foot on a plane. I don't remember the flight. But my mother said she had a really difficult time trying to stay sane as she had to look after a toddler (that would be me) and a baby (my sister was only 13 months old) during the airplane ride. We were on our way to New Delhi, India to join my father on his first assignment abroad. My father was there at the airport to fetch us and I being the eldest instantly recognized him and ran straight into his waiting arms. My sister on the other hand started crying since she thought he was a complete stranger who was kidnapping her. hehe

We were nicely ensconced in a big spacious bungalow made of red bricks. It had three bedrooms but we all slept in one large bed. Mom, Dad, my sister and me! It is there where I first gained knowledge. First in a kindergarden then an exclusive prep school run by very strict Catholic nuns. I also had my first Communion there and I remember wearing a complete white outfit from head to toe with a veil on my head.

My mother said that I was a diligent pupil who liked to read alot. Thus by the age of eight I had to start wearing eyeglasses. It was also the phase in my life where my mother thought it was cute or cheaper for us to wear exactly the same clothes.

I have very vague memories of our stay there. But I'd like to say that my childhood was pretty much marked with books, books and more books. I used to be really good with words so I would always win the spelling bee quizzes at school. My prizes were mostly books in all sizes and shapes. I was definitely a bookworm. I preferred receiving books than dolls during my birthdays and Christmas. Funny thing is now I hardly find the time to read!

That picture was taken during my first visit to Agra at the Taj Mahal. Back then I was still much taller than my sister. Now she is towering over me. Oh by the way, I've never been back to see the Taj Mahal.

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