Thursday, December 30, 2010

3 Things I realized in 2010

Here's my very short review of the year that was 2010. I wanted to list 10 things but unfortunately my brain could only spurn out 3!

In 2010, I realized:

(1) it pays to be extra duper patient. Be it in taking my own sweet time chopping ingredients for a recipe to not fretting about the long hours being stuck in traffic whenever I make my way from Q.C all the way to Mandaluyong to visit my parents. This also applies to my acceptance of the fact that it might take a little while longer to achieve the motherhood stage of my life. Hopefully I can sustain my patience in the year 2011. After all good things come to those who wait, right?

(2) That once I hit the 4th decade of my existence, my energy level has not been as perky as I expected. Now after walking for just a few minutes or simply kneeling during Mass, I start to feel tired and my bones start to ache. Oh alright so I guess one factor among many has to do with me gaining weight and/or reluctance to exercise - but believe me it gets doubly hard once you hit your 40s to lose stubborn pounds which refuse to simply fade away into thin air!

(3) I tend to overindulge whenever my sister is in town. That would mean eating unhealthy food, splurging on clothes and staying up way past my bed time. But during those short pockets of time when my sister visits, they are also the happiest days of the year. Fun times. =)

Overall, 2010 wasn't a bad year for D & D. It was filled with extreme highs with some depressing downs thrown into the mix. And that's just fine with me even though I tend to complain every now and then LOL

Here's wishing we all have a happy and blessed 2011. =)

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