Tuesday, January 04, 2011

My First Blog Entry for 2011

Well I don't know about you guys (all 3 of you my loyal readers) but for me it seems that the Yuletide season simply whizzed by so fast. All the frenzied gift buying, the traffic induced stressful situations, the crowded malls - all led to December 25 - a day that I always found so anti-climatic because by the time it arrives you have overindulged, you are exhausted from the hectic activities, you have spent all your bonuses and maxed out your credit card. But in those days leading to the grand event - infinite memories are created!

Either way these memories are to be cherished and if you are the type who takes pictures of every single item you experience in your daily life well these memories are also captured in different poses and angles in pictures. Photos which eventually all end up being uploaded on Facebook for everyone to peruse, view, admire or gawk at like some animals in a zoo. :D

Anyway as I mentioned earlier, for me it seemed to all pass by so fast. One minute my sister was in town for the holidays. And I was spending every single night at the condo without my hubby who chose to stay in Q.C. Then today, January 4 she is at the airport waving farewell after spending 25 days here.

There were merry making moments where loads of food were consumed with gusto and happy smiles were permanently pasted on our faces. But there were also hospital visits, medication intake and various health concerns which naturally put a damper on our festivities.

These worrying health issues unfortunately continue to plague my sister but 2011 is a new year. And the premise goes that the beginning of anything new does bring with it a renewed sense of hope that as each day dawns we can expect and pray that everything will turn out for the best.

In light of these events, I've resolved to try to be a better me. In terms of eating healthier, in ensuring financial stability for D & D and to feed my spirituality with a firmer faith and prayerful devotion.

It seems simple enough to read my resolutions on paper but I know it can sometimes seem like an arduous task yet I remain positive it can be achieved not just for this year but beyond as well.

So let's just hope it is a good year for each and everyone of us! =)

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