Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Yesterday when I was young

My sister once asked me if I ever get bored staying home all day. Because you see D goes to work at 6am and gets home at 10pm. Well the thing is as long as I got internet connection, I get by. But of course I have to admit sometimes it can get really lonely being by my lonesome self.

That's why I'm really grateful that I am re-discovering songs from my past, thanks largely to YouTube. Never mind that most of the songs don't have music videos and are mostly montage of the artist's images. For me they are valuable souvenirs of my "yesterday when I was young" days.

We were based in Brussels, Belgium from 1978 to 1982. So my repertoire in music were mostly French songs from France and Belgium. My favorite singers back then were Claude Francois, Alain Chamfort, Herve Vilard, Daniel Balavoine and Michel Sardou. I was also a huge fan of the BeeGees, the Beatles, Neil Diamond and John Denver. The latter are pretty popular worldwide so it isn't difficult to find their CDs in record stores. As for the French songs, I was really happy to discover them on YouTube.

So listening to them all day long in repeat mode truly keeps me sane. It is just too bad one needs to be online to watch these YouTube videos and they can't be saved on a CD. But nevertheless ... I'm content! =)

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