Saturday, January 15, 2011

Car registrations

Every June and October of each year, my dad needs to register our two cars. Two weeks because the due dates, he would get all the necessary papers ready and start the ball rolling.

He would start by calling several companies for free insurance quotes for cars. Since the vehicles are already over 8 years old, he would have a difficult time trying to convince insurance firms about the viability of the vehicles.

It is a long and tedious process of making phone calls. Some firms are easy to comply with since they simply require an email with pictures of the vehicles from every angles. While other companies would schedule dates for the insurers to personally inspect the cars.

More often than not, there would be many discussions of bargaining and negotiating for a good rate. A fair amount which is agreeable both for the vehicles as well as for our tight budget.

It takes a lot of patience and strong will power to achieve these tasks. Yet he insists it is a minor task since he firmly believes it is important to have a comprehensive and valid insurance for our cars. For him, it always pays to be insured.

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