Saturday, January 15, 2011


Last year, I've lamented several times in various posts about my computer woes. Well at long last, today my desktop computer has been revived and restored to its former glory c/o our reliable technician on call. Whoop! He replaced the hard drive and re-installed the operating system. I am still quite loyal to Windows XP and won't budge on any newer versions which I believe are still filled with bugs.

Now it is up to me to customize the look and feel of my 'brand new' PC with the many programs and applications I use on a daily basis. It is like tinkering with a new toy. It is an exciting, exhilarating feeling that only a fellow geek techie would grasp.

Although I will miss using the very handy CERA (my sister's ACER laptop) I am thankful I had a backup device to use while HPee was out of circulation. I'm constantly glad for my many blessings!

Now excuse me, I need to restart my PC for the nth time as it keeps updating and updating. :D

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