Monday, January 31, 2011

Intriguing statement

You see, it is a fact that D was already ehem 43 years young when we got married. I guess you can say he took his own sweet time to settle down. So whenever I am first introduced as D's wife, people tend to react in different ways. Mostly they are delighted he finally got hitched. Others tend to crack some joke that sometimes are funny, other times are not. Naturally, I reckon they are curious about the person he chose to be his partner for life. That would be tiny me! :D

On more than a few occasions, they would burst out the phrase "Oh siya ba asawa mo? Ang ganda pala!" or some variation of that statement. Of course I would smile or shake their hands or do both. But I tell you, it never fails to intrigue me.

What exactly would compel someone to blurt out such a statement?
(1) That I am indeed beautiful?
(2) That his former gfs were ugly?
(3) That D is ugly?
(4) They are just being polite
(5) All of the above

I laughed when I first heard that. When I quizzed D about it, he jokingly replied "Hoy, pogi naman ako ha!" But after I've heard it several times from several people I really don't know what to make of it. Alright, so I might sound like I am making a big fuss over it. I'm not. Seriously. I'm merely baffled.

Maybe you can help me decipher it, what do you think they mean? :D

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