Saturday, January 22, 2011

Key phrase questions

My recently fixed computer is now in full swing. I've managed to upload all the softwares and applications I use on a daily basis. As well as bookmark all the websites I visit, browse or peruse for my 'professional' and personal pleasure.

It seems well no it is indeed a fact that nowadays a 8-10 alphanumeric word controls our web existence. Passwords are needed for everything - from online banking, checking emails, e-commerce websites to access social networks, opportunities sites etc.

When I first started my online activities, I used the same password (no I won't reveal it!) to access everything. It was practical to do so not to mention easier to memorize and have it inculcated in my brain cells.

But as you all very well know, every 3 months or so, they inform you that you need to replace or change your password for security purposes. That's when things got complicated. It got a bit stressful to retain in my forgetful brain which websites used my original password and which ones only accepted the new one.

After a while, it all became a complex task. A trial and error process would ensue each time. Numerous emails were sent back and forth to the administrators of the sites requesting for a temporary password so I could gain access. In fact I even forgot the answers to those key phrase questions which they post to make it easier for you in case you forgot your 'mighty' password.

Of course, I could write them all down on some notebook but I'm hugely paranoid that someone might get a hold on them and use them to steal my online identity. Now that in my humble opinion is way too risky and way too scary a scenario to endure. So I will just stick to my old tested method of trial and error, mind you!

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