Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Whenever I find myself in a Malaysian/Singaporean restaurant, I more often than not always order the Nasi Goreng. It is basically spicy fried rice served with 2 sticks of satay, fried chicken, some veggies and kropek. There is also a fried egg placed on top of the rice. The flavor comes from the fried rice which is blended with a special rice paste which gives the Nasi (rice) a slightly orange, yellowish hue. I love it because it is a complete meal in itself. You don't have to order any viand to go with the rice. I tend to specify that it should be mildly spicy and not flaming hot spicy which would ruin my taste buds.

Among the many pasalubongs which my generous sister gave me were sachets of Nasi Goreng rice paste/powder. Now whenever I have rice leftovers, I sprinkle a few drops of the paste and voila I have my Nasi Goreng fix. Sometimes, I add some peas, carrots and scrambled eggs to enhance the taste. Other times, I just eat it plain. But mostly I end up eating too many carbs which isn't really good for my diet regimen but who cares? It is so yummy. I always forget to take a picture because I'm too busy devouring it.

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