Monday, February 28, 2011

Fashion at the Oscars

I woke up at 7AM to catch the red carpet parade of the stars who were all dressed up in their glamorous gowns and dapper suits for the 83rd Annual Academy Awards. This year, the Oscars were hosted by two young celebrities, Anne Hathaway and best actor nominee for "127 Hours" James Franco. Anne who had several wardrobe changes during the night was too gigglish to be taken seriously. While James was too serious and looked like he would pass out anytime from the tremendous pressure. But at least Anne made an effort to look like she was enjoying herself unlike James who seemed like he would rather be somewhere else. Hehe

Anyway, I watched on because I love awards shows. I endured the somewhat dull show. I liked the elaborate production numbers. I listened to the acceptance speeches. Although I admit I miss having comedians host the show. At least they had good comedic timing and their skits were funny. But I'm glad that all of my faves won. I was quite interested in the awards show this year because I've seen most of the films nominated for the different categories.

Here are my favorite gowns of the evening:

Javier Bardem is all smiles while Penelope Cruz looks stunning. To think just over a month ago, she had just given birth to a baby.

While the heavily pregnant Natalie Portman won the best actress award for her great performance in "Black Swan".

Her co-star Mila Kunis looks so refreshing in her light lavender flowing gown.

Ever since Michelle Williams sported that pixie haircut, I think she looks so perky and fresh. Here she is in a simple but very elegant shimmering gown.

I like how luminous Mandy Moore looks in this shiny nude ensemble. It almost seems like the upper part of the gown was hand painted onto her skin.

I've always admired Cate Blanchett for her acting skills. Here I like the brocade accent on her gown. I believe her shorter mane makes her look younger.

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