Friday, February 25, 2011

Maraming Salamat!

As luck and fate would have it, I won one of the prizes given away by fellow blogger, Kayni during her birthday giveaway. My mother texted me last week that I had mail from the States. But it was only yesterday that I was able to meet my parents for lunch and a movie ("Unknown") and finally retrieved my 'gift'.

It was in very good condition, Kayni. I guess that the postal system in our country has vastly improved. Phew! The Hawaiian planner is now in my bag along with a variety of items which make my bag so heavy. I've attached the rabbit omamori to my digicam. Hopefully its chime will remind me to take more pictures as I tend to forget I do have it in my bag. That lovely photo you snapped of the cherry blossoms (which is like a postcard) will surely make me see the positive things in life!

Thanks for the loot! =)

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