Thursday, February 17, 2011

High Heels

The other night I was watching the Grammy awards. 2 things surprised me. One, Gwyneth Paltrow can really belt it out, really good. Two, she was performing her number with really high heels. Wow she managed to maintain her balance and didn't break her neck! She was wearing this exquisite Christian Louboutin shoes. Check out the pointed heel on that shoe. Phew, in my opinion it can certainly be used as a lethal weapon.

This got me thinking about my (limited) footwear. The thing is I'm a shortie. So no matter how high the heels of my shoes are, I would never be able to make direct eye contact with my 5'8 tall hubby. :P

I tend to favor flat shoes for their comfort level. My next fave are wedges. Their solid chunky heels give me a 'lift' and I don't stumble wearing them. Naturally, I also have elegant strappy sandals as well as stilettos with the highest heel being only about 2 1/2 inches. But these shoes rarely make an appearance on my feet.

My sister who is used to wearing really high heels for work as well as for leisure would mock the way I walk when I wear high heels. She always told me to walk properly and not make it seem like I would tip over every instant I step forward.

I have this nagging thought brought about by my paranoid mind whenever I'm not in flats. What if something came up and I had to run for my life? How on earth would I survive with high heels? Heels which my sister would not even consider high. So no thanks, I rather wear my comfy flats and be my short self! :D

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