Saturday, February 19, 2011

Let's drink to that

Back in my wild days, my poison used to be cold light beer and red wine. My small group of friends were always meeting up for social events where liquors were constantly flowing and our 'spirited' selves would naturally indulge until we couldn't walk straight. Hehe Yes the good old days! :D

I had a friend who was a member of wine clubs so we would all tag along and enjoy his privileges with him. I've always been partial to red wine. I found out the hard way that white wines would give me such a splitting headache. I still don't know why. So I just avoid it all together. Plus I read that a glass of red wine was good for your health. But I overindulged in red wines way too much in my sordid past so maybe it was counter productive for me?

But alas I hardly drink any hard liquor, nowadays. For one, D is allergic to them. He gets red blotches all over his body when he drinks. Strange but true! And second, well you all know I need to watch my weight.

Do I miss it? Sure, I do. But there is always dark chocolates to supplement my cravings. Never mind that they are not even in the same food group, it certainly works for me.

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