Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A painting

My vision of my ideal house is never far from my mind. It would have large sliding windows, a high ceiling and the walls will be bright with pastel colors.

I also love picture frames and paintings. I would decorate an entire wall with pictures that are nicely framed. They will serve as a gentle reminder of all the places I've visited and those memories will wrap around me and make me smile.

I may not be an art connoisseur but I like looking at various paintings when I visit museums. I try to imagine how the subject in the painting felt while posing for the artist. I also try to visualize how long the artist spent on his masterpiece, what inspired him to paint and what his frame of mind is while he is painting.

So I was really pleasantly surprised when D came home one day with this painting.

It was done by the hubby of one of his co faculty members. I love the vivid hues that dominate the painting. It brings to mind an idyllic place where chaos doesn't exist and serenity reigns supreme.

It is very important for me to have calm and silence in my life. Unfortunately, I have to deal with noisy neighbors and the din of city life on a daily basis. Now I just have to avert my eyes to the painting and it will transport me to a special place.

So yeah I now have 1 painting and here's to many more paintings to come! :D

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