Monday, March 07, 2011


I'm afraid I'm turning into a hypochondriac in my old age. As much as possible I try to eat a balanced meal. Most of the time, we only have either fish, chicken and veggies as our dishes. I make sure the fish has low mercury content. The chicken without the skin has to be boiled 2 times before it is turned into a dish. I also avoid veggies which will give me a high uric acid like beans and okra. I've stopped eating pork products for ages now and I've ceased to drink soft drinks. I shifted to iced tea as my beverage but just last week I decided out of the blue to stick to plain water for fear of contracting diabetes.

Of course, I am only human so once in a blue moon, I give in to my cravings. For instance I would eat nuts and chocolates. Then I would notice my knees and joints start to ache (uric acid) and I would develop pimples so I stop. The other week, I started freaking out when I noticed bubbles in my urine. I checked online for answers and it just made me more paranoid. So even though the Internet is filled with a myriad of information, I believe it just feeds into my heightened sense of anxiety when it comes to health matters. Hehe!

The strange thing is that I am not a pill popping individual. I compensate by using alternatives to medicines. For instance, I drink hot lemonade at the first sign of a sore throat or a cough. I rub some balm on my forehead when my head aches or I simply rest my eyes. I drink peppermint tea when my stomach is not stable. The only pills I take are vitamins and my fertility meds which thankfully are coated and have low dosage.

This past week, I had to go for ultrasound TWICE for my fertility tests. I swear there is nothing like waiting for your turn at a hospital to convert you into a hypochondriac. The thing is people who have nothing to do would engage in small talk. So there I was surrounded by women of different ages in various stages of pregnancy and they would inquire about my condition. I notice that all of these women are way younger than me. Some of them are already having their second or even third child. They also talk about how difficult it was for them to conceive. But my eyes would just roll when they tell me they are just 32 years old or there was one who was only 27 years young. So I guess me being 42 years old, all I can really hope for is divine intervention. A miracle (aided with really expensive medicines) is all I've been praying for nowadays.

The good thing though is that once I enter my OB-GYN's clinic, the mood shifts. You see my doctor is like a ball of sunshine with this really positive attitude that is hopefully contagious. She would check my results with a smile even though in my desolate opinion the tests further proves my infertility. She also patiently answers my endless questions with gusto. Questions which stem from me reading so many medical bulletins on the Internet.

So that's it. I figure if my doctor who was trained to specialize in this field gives me the thumbs up, who am I to contradict her valued diagnosis, right? =)

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