Thursday, March 10, 2011

A series of unfortunate events

  • The cab that my sister was riding in rear ended the car ahead. It was caused by the sudden stop of 2 cars ahead of the cab. The impact must have been strong because they were on the highway when the accident occurred. So my sister hurt her left foot which she used to cushion her bumping against the front seat. She wasn't wearing a seatbelt because she was at the back. Her toes were black and blue, her ankle started to swell and she had difficulty walking. Not a good condition to have as you all know that in Singapore walking is such a big part of one's daily activity.
  • My mother slipped and fell on her behind at the mall. She used the short ramp instead of the few stairs (she has bad knees) and her hands were full with grocery items so she couldn't hold the railing. 2 kind teenagers helped her up and guided her towards my father who had no idea and was really shocked. Her left foot suffered a sprain but no bones were broken. I worry about her because at her age, she has very brittle bones na.

  • The next day naman, my father drove himself to the hospital because one of his eyes was itchy, watery and very red. Of course, my mother accompanied him and was limping the entire time. It turns out it was due to some bacteria and not sore eyes. He was given eyedrops. His eyes have always been prone to redness, unfortunately.

  • D's monitor sparked and got grounded. It even emitted an air of smoke as it splattered to its demise. Not really a good thing as he needs to check his emails as his students will be submitting their final exams through the Internet. Good thing he can always use mine.

  • But Monday night, our DSL was having issues staying connected. The light on the modem kept flickering. I called the service provider and they sent a technician, Tuesday afternoon. His assessment - there is nothing wrong with our modem or DSL. He referred me to the phone company and was advised to get our line checked because there were a lot of static.

  • The phone company could only send service guy on Wednesday since it was already almost 5pm. I told the call center agent, we will be out (since it was Ash Wednesday had to hear Mass) so kindly send someone in the afternoon.

  • I figure that 3 days without internet connection was enough sacrifice to start the Lenten season. But it turns out that D had other sacrifices as well in mind. So whatever, I will follow his instructions to be more spiritually fulfilled.

  • Last night, I had terrible coughing spells I couldn't sleep properly. I would wake up coughing my lungs out, then I'd drink some water so I could breathe. I'd pop in a lozenge, then go down to answer the call of nature. This cycle was repeated till the morning.

  • I know it is entirely my fault because I don't drink any meds for my cough. I simply rely on hot kalamansi juice, lozenges and vicks vaporub on my chest to soothe the constriction. The acidity from kalamansi juice upsets my stomach. The Vaporub is sticky and warms my body which just makes me cough more.

  • I don't like to add more toxic meds to my system because I feel so bloated already from the vitamins and fertility drugs. Plus, I have this nagging thought that I might harm the fetus IN CASE I am already expecting.

  • I feel horrible that I was too sick to accompany my parents to the hospital. I constantly worry about their well being now that I don't live with them anymore since they are already in their 70s. My sister naman has been having a series of health concerns which are quite alarming but she is too busy with work to take some time off to attend to them.

  • I know I worry too much for my own good. But bleh I was born this way, nothing's going to change that! :D

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