Saturday, March 19, 2011

Precious sleep

Another school year has ended, classes are out. D is mostly home and busy doing the grade sheets of his numerous classes. This also means the irritating kids in this neighborhood are out playing their boisterous games. Screaming, running, shouting, being rowdy all day until the sun sets. I hate to admit that my tolerance level for noisy kids is absolutely zero. Something that doesn't bode well for someone trying to have kids of her own, but what the heck I was born this way. :D

I usually take short naps in the afternoons. Being a light sleeper, the din and the blazing sunshine prevents me from enjoying my forty winks. My only option is to hie off to the condo, switch on the aircon, pull down the vertical blinds and snore the afternoon away.

The downside is that I will be away from my hobby ooops I mean my hubby and I don't have DSL connection at the condo. I probably need to just stay put and chalk it to another Lenten sacrifice I need to endure. Grrrr!

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