Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tweet tweet

No, this isn't a post about Twitter. In fact I don't have an account. I believe we have a nest of maya birds on our windows. Since I still have a pesky cough which keeps me up at night, I would drink water, pop in a lozenge and wait till dawn. Then the sound of little birds chirping can be heard. I like to believe they are singing or talking animatedly. Yes, it is that loud. It is certainly music to my ears. It is a delight to wake up to such a sound.

Until it is rudely interrupted by my neighbor screaming her lungs out by barking orders to her hapless daughter. Gosh! But at least I woke up with a smile. A nice way to welcome a new day and give praise and thanks to the Lord. This morning, I also offered my prayers for the people in Japan affected by that devastating earthquake.

I got this image from google. I can't seem to capture the Maya birds perched on my windows. They tend to fly away once they sense any sort of movement. A movement caused by me flicking the curtains away to get a better view. Heh!

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