Saturday, April 30, 2011

Long live the newlyweds!!!

My random thoughts on the royal wedding:
I love watching royal weddings, who doesn't?

In July of 1981 when Prince William's parents, Prince of Wales Charles Windsor married Diana Spencer, we cut our European vacation short to return to Brussels where we were based to watch the wedding on TV.

I've been a long time fan of the former Princess of Wales, Diana. I bought all the magazines where she was the cover. I even clipped newspaper articles about her. And I read her book authored by Andrew Morton.

In fact, I even sported her famous hairdo. Only thing is my hair is thick and wavy so most of the time I had unruly curls which ruined my Princess Diana effect. Ha!

When she perished in that horrific car crash in 1997, I had just returned to Dubai (where we were based then) from the Maldives. I had a week long vacation in one of the tiny islands that form the nation of Maldives.

I was devastated and cried my heart out. I was glued to the TV covering her funeral rites and was gutted when I saw her two sons looking so forlorn without their beloved mother.

Life got in the way so I wasn't really updated on the romance between Prince William and Kate Middleton but I did see glimpses of them together on TV, the Internet and newspapers.

I'm glad they have settled down despite all the ups and downs they went through as a couple. They look good together and share many common interests. I watched the wedding live on Sky News here in Singapore.

Prince William was truly a dashing groom in his military uniform. He did look a bit nervous at the Westminster Abbey.

Catherine now the Duchess of Cambridge was a lovely bride!. Her simple yet elegant gown was beautiful. I like how the train wasn't too long, her hair worn down added a glamorous touch to the whole ensemble.

I wasn't too pleased though with the 'pointed' part of the gown in her chest area. It seemed like Madonna's pointed bra outfit hahaha.

The wedding ceremony was subtle and understated without much of the pomp and pageantry required of all royal ceremonies. The well heeled guests in their finest with the ladies in a variety of hats were so lovely to admire and gawk at.

Overall, everything went as planned except for that runaway horse that untoppled its rider during the carriage ride back to Buckingham Palace. The horse must have freaked out from the din of the crowds who gathered to cheer the newlyweds.

A dashing prince marries the love of his life in a solemn ceremony with their family, relatives and friends present.

It reminds me of my own wedding 3 years ago. It was simple, elegant with a small gathering of close relatives to witness our union. I married my own dashing prinsipe who remains till this day quite charming in every sense! =)

Yes I know it is silly to compare it with a royal wedding but hey this is my blog so zip it! :D

Mabuhay ang bagong kasal! Here's hoping their union will be blissfully blessed! =)

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