Friday, April 29, 2011

Orchard Road

One's visit to Singapore would never be complete unless one sets foot on Orchard Road. The famous street that is filled with malls is quite ideal for shopping aficionados but for the rest of us with no savings to spare for shopping, just taking a walk along this long stretch of asphalt would suffice. hehe!

There are always new malls that sprout up on this street and although one mall is slightly similar to the next one beside it, the architecture and the design of the establishment gives the mall its prominence.

My main purpose of walking all the way to the Orchard Central mall was to take its very long and high escalators all the way up to the rooftop garden. It is located on the 12th level of this glass enclosed building.

I was a bit disappointed that once you get up to the rooftop garden, you cannot move closer to the edge to have a bird eye's view of Orchard Road. Nevertheless riding the long escalators up was quite a thrill!

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