Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cable Car Ride

I had made a list (well only in my head) about the activities I was most looking forward to during my month long stay in Singapore. To mention a few => eat at Seoul Garden and Crystal Jade Kitchen (done!); visit Universal Studios (check!) and visit Mount Faber via cable car ride.

So on cinco de Mayo, we all headed to the Harbour Front Center tower to take the cable car to reach Mount Faber which is described as the iconic hill top destination. First stop is Sentosa Island which hosts the Resorts World and the Universal Studios but we didn't get down anymore since we had seen these attractions already.

These pictures were taken from within the cable car. It is much more spacious now compared to the older version. It is quite cosy and can easily accommodate 6 people.

Once you reach Mount Faber, your eyes are treated to a panoramic view of Singapore. Mount Faber itself can be explored through hiking trails or you can just lounge at one of the several fine dining restaurants to grasp the view. I only got as far as the upper viewing deck since it was another hot sunny day, I didn't want to or rather I didn't have the energy to go further down. No way! :D

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