Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pros and Cons

Now that I am back in the heart of Quezon City, a residential area along a street which vehicles of all sorts traverse on a daily basis, I miss living in a self contained condo unit.

Or do I?

Perhaps I simply miss having an air conditioner which I can turn on any time regardless of the electricity cost. Or perhaps I miss going down to the ground floor to the Mini Mart to instantly buy items I've run out of. Or maybe I miss having to just flag down a tricycle to get to the nearest supermarket or stroll in the mall at the corner.

The cons though would be the terribly slow dial up service to connect while I'm at the condo. Also the fact that I don't really see much of the bustling city life while I am ensconced on the 12th floor.

Essentially there is no sense to this post because at the end of the day, I'm married now and this yellow apartment is now home. After all, I do have DSL here so that's a major plus. I will just grin and bear the fact that the computer room turns into a scorching oven with the afternoon sun blazing and melting my brain cells as I turn into a clammy ball of sweat.

Not to mention the fact that as long as I got my loving hubby with me, any where is home. :D

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