Sunday, May 15, 2011

Number of the day: three, trois, tatlo!!!

On this date three years ago, we became one. Days turned into weeks, weeks into years and now 3 years later, we still feel and behave like newlyweds. Our lives are filled with much laughter, a few disagreements but overall there is much mirth and contentment, I'd say. It helps that D is such a jolly person who always focuses on the positive aspect. While I'm the more patient of the two so I tend to overlook his 'flaws'. Not that he has several but you get my drift. So here's to more blissful years of wedded life for D & D.

what a difference 3 years make! I'd like to state that the blue top I'm wearing in the picture is now a 'basahan'. It was taken in February 2008 before we got hitched but no matter how hard I tried to wear it ulit, it won't fit me anymore! Hay naku. :D

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