Monday, May 16, 2011

General Cleaning

D was the first one to notice it as I stepped out of the airport into his loving waiting arms. Well that I gained so much weight during my month long stay in Singapore despite all the walking and commuting I did in that very hot and extremely humid city. The weather was stormy that evening when our flight landed in Manila. The flight was a bit turbulent and we were delayed by several minutes. I was extremely tired from all the heavy lifting I had to do for my luggage and hand carried bag. It turns out I was overweight oh wait rather my two pieces of luggage were past the allowed baggage allowance by as much as 10 kgs. So I had to drag 10 kgs of luggage around the terminal even though it had tiny wheels. But the difficult part was to pull it up the stairs (budget terminal hence no attached chute) to get to the plane. By the time I was securely fasten with my seat belt and ready for take off, I was oh so very fatigued and dehydrated I promptly fell asleep. Only woke up to turbulent air pockets rocking the plane as we approached Manila.

The condo was our sanctuary for a week. I came up with this brilliant idea to spruce up the condo in order to lose some weight. Boy was I in for a rude awakening. Our condo unit is a 69 sqm two storey affair. Upstairs it has two bedrooms, one bathroom and a space my sister has converted into her office. Downstairs is the living room/dining area with the kitchen and another bathroom. It is a self contained, cozy unit but then you pack it with stuff and items which we have been hoarding and it turns into this big huge pile of personal belongings.

Wednesday, we decided to tackle the master bedroom upstairs, first. Armed with a surgical mask and plastic gloves, we sorted through every single item in that room. From the numerous handbags of my mom to the storage of folders of receipts from bills that my dad organizes. Plus the shoe rack, the home entertainment area (holding the TV, DVD player and stereo set) to the side tables, the cabinets, the mirror and the queen size bed.

On Thursday, we cleaned the 2nd bedroom which is much smaller but it still contains most of my things like photo albums, books, souvenirs and clothes of both me and my sister. It also contains a computer table with a desktop that doesn't work anymore and my single bed. It was fairly easier to handle due to the small space.

Friday and Saturday was a major operation. We had to clean up the mess that is my sister's office. Documents of all types and various sizes were stacked up in two huge book shelves. Press releases from her line of work to folders of her reference materials when she was taking her Masters in International Relations to junk mail, brochures, novels. It was so dusty, my nose was jet black from the thickness of the dust.

But I have to hand it to my husband for someone who is very impatient when it comes to lining up at banks or grocery counters, he was VERY patient and VERY thorough in making sure we dusted EVERY single item in this condo. He is such a handy and capable person when it comes to household chores, I am always in awe at his ability to be so organized all the time. Plus he manages to stay and look really nice and sweat free as compared to my basang sisiw look! Me in my tattered shorts and sleeveless tank top, hair in a ponytail with a headband and drenched with perspiration. Phew it was indeed quite a workout for 4 looooong days!

By Sunday evening the upstairs part of the condo was all spic and shiny and really dust free. We did go out to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary by having lunch at Teriyaki Boy. Otherwise known as our place of our first date! :D

The general cleaning of the lower floor will be continued next month. A few days before my parents return from Singapore. I'm sure that is another major major operation.

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