Tuesday, June 07, 2011

The thing with FB is ...

... once you accept friend(s) requests from relatives (immediate man or distant ones) ... they suddenly start bombarding you with messages asking for financial assistance!

Perhaps it is because they see all those pictures you post of your grand vacation or your weekend getaway(s). The pictures of all the restaurants you have meals in (once in a blue moon and for special occasions lang naman) and whatever else you fancy sharing on your very public profile.

So ayun they automatically assume that you are loaded with moolah. How else can you afford all those meals outside or that grand vacation, di ba?

Of course, it is rude to tell them that those meals were usually KKB (kanya kanyang bayad) and you only paid for the airfare using the special promos scheme of low budget carriers. It is also not nice to tell them you have to pay for exorbitant monthly fertility meds/tests, credit card(s) bills, the rent, utilities and grocery items.

Instead you simply try to ignore their endless messages flooding your FB inbox and silently pat yourself you didn't give them your cellphone number when they asked for it, several times. Plus try not to feel too guilty for being such a selfish person!

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