Sunday, June 05, 2011

Bags Galore

Aside from the tourist attractions and the foodie haven that Singapore is famous for, it is also without any doubt, a shopper's paradise. From branded items found at high end boutiques in posh malls to discounted items at bargain stores, everything is available!

I admit I have a weakness for handbags, not the designer brands though! I cannot afford them eh! I go for those bags you find in department stores. You know the ones which are all stacked together in a pile with the sign SALE dangling over them. Yet they are in good shape and serve their purpose.

I've been a loyal buyer of Perllini bags which are available in most department stores. I noticed that most if not all of my handbags have the famous P etched in them.

Since I already have big ones in my wardrobe, I was on the outlook for smaller ones which I can use for a quick stroll to the grocery store or for church. So I added this black tote like bag with dark brown straps (they are removable - one is shorter while the longer one can be used to convert it into a body bag) to my bag collection.

I also purchased this small clutch bag cum wallet. The brown and orange blended leather was the main attraction for me. Inside it has a section for coins, another for large bills as well as a holder for credit cards and ATM cards. It is handy enough to be used as a wallet and/or a clutch bag.

On my last day there, I came across this bags sale at Takashimaya, Ngee Ann City. I was immediately drawn towards this orange with brown trimmings bag. It was a bit over my budget and it didn't have a P trademark but what the heck? It perfectly matches my yellowish/orange wedge so a simple swipe of my MasterCard was all it took for me to be the proud owner of a Comoditee bag! :D

I stopped myself from buying more since I knew I no longer had enough space in my luggage. I could also hear my other neglected bags calling out to me to stop adding to their loot. Now my worry is finding space in my tiny closet to accommodate these 3! :D

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