Thursday, July 21, 2011

One Fine Day

The second part of our general cleaning (the lower floor of the condo) was accomplished in a span of the first 4 days of the month of June.

While I did mention in this post that D is a meticulous 'cleaner', I on the other hand tend to rest like every 10 minutes. I need to wipe away the beads of sweat that flows down my forehead into my eyes as well as my back which was like a raging waterfall of sweat.

As I made my way to the bathroom upstairs, I happen to glance at the window and saw a fluffy cloud formation that merited a snapshot. I quickly grabbed my digicam to capture the moment but ended up taking around 80 pictures all in all! Hehehe

I only stopped when D called out for me as he needed help re-assembling some piece of furniture. Thankfully so if not I would have totally forgotten about cleaning and just snap away by the window.

Look closely at the first pix there is a plane flying off to its destination.

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