Tuesday, July 26, 2011


There I was playing "Angry Birds" while lying in bed when the earth shook. It was around 1:15 this Tuesday morning and at first I thought that a strong gust of wind from the stormy weather outside was rattling the windows.

Then my bed and the light fixtures started to sway for me to realize that it was an earthquake. It lasted for a few seconds but I kept praying for it to stop. Not really a good thing to experience an earthquake while I'm in my 12th floor condo unit of all places.

After it stopped swaying, there was an eerie calmness that enveloped me. Well actually I was numb. I didn't know whether I should wake up my parents or if I should call my husband who was soundly asleep in Quezon City or just pretend like nothing happened and continue playing on the iPhone.

After a few minutes of panicked uncertainty, I got out of my bed to check if anything had fallen from the shelves. Gladly, things were in their proper places, my parents were still sound asleep and my text message to the hubby didn't get an instant reply so I assumed he slept right through the whole earth shattering event.

I decided to switch off the lights and go back to bed. Yet for the life of me I couldn't sleep, at all. It got me thinking of all sort of things. Paranoia and morbid thoughts kept creeping into my mind. The past weeks have been pretty unnerving for me and I believe those few seconds of realizing one's mortality merely added to my already badly battered psyche.

Thoughts of what really matters most to me kept me up all night. I was nodding in and out of sleep. Then I would wake up with a sudden jerk and allow my consciousness to be filled with apprehensions about my uncertain future.

But as the new day slowly dawned and I got a text message from my hubby that he didn't feel anything, I got out of bed and just felt so thankful for the numerous blessings that continue to be showered upon me and my family.

Surprisingly I felt quite safe and a massive amount of reassured feelings that life with all its exhaustive struggles and minor inconveniences does goes on. Whether we are ready for it or not so we better simply just buckle up and try our darnest to enjoy the long ride.

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