Monday, August 01, 2011


Aside from earth shattering events which kept me up all night due to anxiety, I believe I'm back to my old bad habit - staying up late way past my usual bedtime of 11pm. Staying at the condo where internet connection is super slow is mostly to blame. Another reason is the very addicting Angry Birds game on the iPhone. I tell you truly whoever invented this game must have an affinity with zombies because it sure can turn you into one if you keep playing it before bed time.

So no online activities to keep me occupied, I resorted to the next 'best' thing - becoming a couch potato! It is amazing how many reality shows have cropped up on cable TV, nowadays. They are mostly shallow and inane but they sure can keep my eyes glued to the TV. Before I know it, the clock strikes 4:30 am so I go upstairs to give my mind and body some much needed rest only to repeat the cycle the following day/night.

I thought that spending this whole week here at our apartment would somehow alleviate my sleepless state. Obviously it ain't working. It is already 2:10 in the morning, I'm wide awake and totally engrossed in my scrabble game on FB.

Bad, no?

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