Sunday, August 28, 2011

Soul Food

After a particularly gruelling session at the hospital or what I call the three (blood test, ultrasound and injection) in one day, my sister was kind enough to treat me at one of our fave restos.

Seoul Garden - the eat all you can buffet style eatery is a resto where you cook your own food. It has been a fave hangout ever since we discovered it in Singapore. I was really happy when it opened its branch here in Pinas. It is located at the SM North Annex section. It has pretty much the same layout as the original one in Singapore. It also turns out to be much cheaper here.

First you choose from a wide array of items served buffet style

For instance, marinated cuts of chicken/beef

There are also seafood and vegetables

Then you pose for a picture before you start cooking your food

There is a bowl for soup in the middle of the pot which is surrounded by a hot plate surface where you fry your marinated meats


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