Thursday, August 25, 2011

Street food ni Juan Dela Cruz

I'm just eternally grateful that between hospital visits for my fertility shots, I get to indulge my taste buds with delicious food. Physically tired from having a bruised arm from countless blood tests to being poked during ultrasounds, I tend to get really hungry. This cycle I was lucky to have my sister around so she would drive me to and from the hospital then we would go explore new eateries in town.

Although I've seen and passed by this restaurant several times, it was only lately during my sister's visit that we got to taste its cuisine. Kalye Juan as the name suggests serves local fare. Their prices range from 185 pesos onwards. Nice brightly lit ambiance consists of small square tables and wooden chairs. The food although served in small portions is quite tasty. I will surely go back (perhaps with the hubby) to savor their other dishes.

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