Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hanging bridge

In my single days, I used to watch movies a lot. I would basically camp out at movie theaters during foreign film festivals and (tried) to watch all the movies in the line-up. When we were first dating, D & I used to watch movies every weekend before hearing mass. It was only when we got married that I found out he was not really a movie buff. He just accompanied me because he knew it was my favorite hobby in the whole wide world. Back then, I thought it was a sweet gesture on his part. 3 years into our marriage, I've accepted the fact that movie watching isn't on his list of things to do. But I manage to sustain my hobby through the ever reliable Internet.

My sister who recently relocated to HK, finds herself in the same quandary. Her small circle of (new) friends, acquaintances don't seem to share her interests. This includes watching movies at cinemas. So nowadays when we chat at Skype, we would spend hours discussing the films we've seen, compare notes and recommend to each other several movies. It almost feels like we are members of Oprah's book club except we discuss films instead of novels.

I'm not really complaining about my hubby's lack of interest in my hobbies. :D Marriage is about adjusting one's expectations and simply making do with what wedded life has to offer. It is pretty much like that hanging bridge in the picture above. You know once you step on it, it would get shaky and tough yet you still go for it. But you face it armed with enough strength and tenacity to handle each and every shake that comes along the way with relentless determination until you reach the other side. Let's march on!

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