Wednesday, November 02, 2011


A couple of days ago, we visited my father in law's grave at the Loreto Church in Bustillos, Manila. Unlike the images you see on TV of the throngs of people at the public cemeteries, his crypt is enclosed in an air conditioned sanctuary. You can sit down and reflect in the silence of your heart. We stayed for about an hour.

Then we headed to Trinoma for a very late lunch. I wanted Japanese food so we ate at Teriyaki Boy. We were quiet as we practically gulped down our food. I was starving! Then D noticed that the texture of the table was the same as the one where we had our first date. You see our very first date was at a branch of Teriyaki Boy in the old Greenbelt area. It was also his very first time to eat at this Japanese eatery. Since then it has been our favorite 'dating' place. A place where we celebrate important occasions in our wedded life.

Towards the end of our meal, I lamented that the Teriyaki Boy branch in Greenbelt has been torn down and replaced by another restaurant. I sighed as I told D that most of the places where we celebrated our 'firsts' were no longer in existence. He retorted by saying:

"Never mind, those are just places ... What's more important is we are still happily together".

I couldn't agree more! A rare romantic side of my hubby surfaced that day. He is growing wise(r) in his old age! :D

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