Friday, November 11, 2011

If you could only have one ....

I got tagged by Toni from Wifely Steps to do this meme. Here are my answers! :D


1. Condiment: Mayonnaise. I have it with everything from hot dogs, tuna sandwich, dumplings, pork chops to fish.

2. City to live in: Paris, France. I've visited this city of lights several times but it would be utterly lovely if I could inhabit there. I would get to converse in my (now) rusty French and get an apartment where I can see the Eiffel Tower from my window, all the time!

This picture was taken circa 1998. I was 30 years old and several, several, several pounds lighter! I had a manual camera hanging around my neck in the days of yore before every gadget became digital. Ah yes the good old days!

3. Place to vacation to: Italy. A country blessed with a very rich and colorful history, great cuisine and peppered with many cities. I sure would love to go back and revisit all of them.

4. Colour to wear: Any shade of blue. This means I can wear jeans all the time without feeling under dressed!

5. Celebrity/Character crush: Johnny Depp He happens to live in the south of France so I just might go pay him a visit at the drop of a hat!

6. Dessert to eat: Ice cream. Who doesn't love ice cream?? I can eat different flavors each day.

7. Book to read: This is a bit difficult since I make it a habit not to read a book again once I'm done with it. But I'd have to say "The Global Soul" by Pico Iyer. There were some chapters in that book which had some deeper meaning so it would be interesting to interpret them.

8. Television series to watch: The Amazing Race. A great 'travel' show with massive dosage of realism (thus it is a reality show) coupled with a good insight into the relationships among and between the racers. They say you only truly get to know someone once you have traveled together. What more if you are traveling under pressure and with time constraints? That's when the bickering starts. Game on!

9. Cartoon character as a roommate: Tintin. So I can go on numerous adventures with him. Not sure I have that much energy, though.

10. Type of food to eat (assuming that we can sustain ourselves easily off of one thing): Clam Chowder. It is a complete meal. It has soup, veggies and seafood.

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