Saturday, November 19, 2011


After almost 2 months of staying with a good friend, my sister was finally able to secure her own flat. Rent prices in that part of the globe are exorbitant so she has to make do with a studio. It is sparsely furnished with the bare essentials but it is her own little sanctuary now.

She told me about her shopping trips to several household items stores to canvass prices for some items she would be needing for her studio. She recounted how she somehow found herself in a shop that sold lights of all shapes and sizes. From mini pendant lights, lampshades, bedside lamps to grand chandeliers, the store was fully stocked.

Since I cannot physically accompany her during these shopping trips, she would send me several photos of items she intends to purchase. My inbox is filled with pictures of electronic appliances, household fixtures and pieces of furniture. She also emails 'before and after' pictures of her flat as she slowly but surely furnishes it to her liking. I can't wait to visit her next year! :D

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