Friday, November 18, 2011

My reality

Immediately after I posted my previous entry (the recipes), I had to rush over to the condo to take care of my parents who were both stricken with acute gastroenteritis. I tell you it is heartbreaking to see one's parents so weak and hardly able to fend for themselves. It is a reversal of roles when the very persons who raised you since you were born are now the ones who need to be nurtured.

I've always pictured my parents as strong willed individuals who can do anything and everything for us, their kids. But they are in their mid seventies now and they are quite vulnerable to any number of illnesses which can take a heavy toll on their frail bodies. But such is life.

It just puts me in a very dark and sentimental place where I get crestfallen, easily. I was so stressed out (well not from taking care of them) from thinking about their mortality, I gave myself an upset stomach. I kept throwing up every 20 minutes which sort of threw them off the loop. They thought I was infanticipating. Well bad news, I'm NOT. :D

Thankfully, all is well in parents land, now. I'm still quite tired, truth be told. I hardly got any sleep last night because the neighbor's 3 year old brat was having a tantrum fit! He was rousing the entire neighborhood with his loud bawling, howling cries for attention at freaking two in the morning. Gosh, what a lovely way to welcome me back to my own little shop of horrors reality show. A show where I am an unwilling participant. Lord, have mercy!

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