Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hong Kong Disneyland (December 22, 2011)

In all my 43 years of existence, I've never set foot in Disneyland ... until December 22, 2011. Imagine that!

A few days before Christmas, we decided to have an early start and shoved off to the amusement park to see Mickey Mouse and his friends.

Unlike Universal Studios in Singapore where it was sooo warm and humid, exploring Disneyland in 14 deg. C weather was quite pleasant.

We took a bus across the street from my sister's flat and alighted at the MTR station. From Hong Kong station, it is a scenic 25 minutes ride all the way to Sunny Bay station where you alight to transfer to the Disneyland train. (15 minutes ride)

I was amazed that the train was jam packed with people even though it was a weekday. So I guess they were mostly tourists (like us) visiting Hong Kong. Naturally there were long queues to all the rides. My parents were with us so we were quite selective when it came to the rides. So no roller coasters (not that I would even attempt) and no rides where you might get wet.

But everyone agreed that we would all go on the carousel. After lining up for almost 20 minutes, it was our turn. Here's where it turned into a funny incident. When it was my turn, 'the horse' was quite high. I couldn't reach the pedal to haul myself over it. I was getting flustered. My parents were bowling over in laughter. While D who was a few horses away had no idea of my predicament and by that time he was already in his 'photo shoot' zone.

After several embarrassing tries to get on the horse, I nearly gave up. Until D finally realized what was going on so he practically carried me so I could ride the carousel. It was way too embarrassing. I was laughing so much I almost peed in my jeans. It was an experience I would never ever forget! Until now they still tease me about that hilarious carousel ride. :D

My favorite part is when darkness fell and the entire Disneyland was all lighted up. I bought a Minnie Mouse headband and didn't feel embarrassed at all even if I looked like a kid!

The fireworks display near the main Tinkerbell castle at 9pm was amazingly awesome!


kayni said...

i was laughing while trying to imagine you trying to get up unto the i'm sure you'll never forget that, but then, those experiences are the ones that make vacations memorable.

Daphn3 LaurA said...

It was hilarious talaga to the point of embarrassment! :D

Photo Cache said...

disneyland has charm to both kids and kids at heart. it's been over 10 yrs since my last visit. it's time to go back. sana may sale :) sa package deal.

Daphn3 LaurA said...

10 years is a long time between visits. It's time you return to a whimsical place! Go go go :D

Reshma said...

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